Monday, September 30, 2019

Supporting Your Team

This section is about supporting your team

Supporting your team means helping them achieve what they want, not about pushing them to try to achieve what you want!

The most important thing that you can do for your new team member is to make sure they have access to the same information you do, i.e. this website.

So make sure they know about and encourage them to sign up for the newsletter.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Teach independence

Sponsoring carries a re-spons-abiliy.

If you want someone to join your business, you have an obligation to do your best to help them become successful.

However, ultimately they are now in business for themselves and if they want to succeed, they also have to take responsibility for their own success.

Don't try to teach your new affiliate everything - show them how and where they can learn what they need to know.

Don't teach them what they can easily learn for themselves with a bit of effort.

The information on this website, the Welcome to Success manual and the newsletter contains ample information to help them get started.

But affiliates who are not succeeding will come to you asking for help - even when they haven't learned the basics from these resources.

Ask them if they've read the Welcome to Success. If they haven't, get them to read it and then come back if they still need help.

Teach them to be independent from you, not dependent on you. That doesn't mean you don't help them, just don't do things for them that they should be able to do for themselves.

You want as much of your time as possible available for building your business. Encourage your affiliates to use the resources available to teach their team so that they too can concentrate on building their business.

Success comes from helping others

MLM is a great business model. It allows anyone to build a part-time business, risk free that can supplement their income and potentially even replace it.

If you're serious and want to make a serious income then you're going to be building a team, a downline. In return, the company will pay you commission on anyone* in your downline.

Some people don't really get MLM and they see their downline as a meal ticket; they only think about what their downline means to them financially. They tend to get frustrated if they think their downline aren't working hard enough.

They're not really interested in helping people, they're just interested in what their downline can do for them.

These people usually fail, claiming they had a lazy downline and that MLM doesn't work!

Needless to say, this attitude is completely wrong and will lead to failure or at best, much slower growth.

The correct attitude comes from understanding that MLM is about helping others achieve what they want.

If you help enough people achieve what they want then your rewards will come automatically.

*there are criteria for receiving commission on certain levels although these are easily met by the time it becomes an issue.